Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Spooky Halloween Awareness!

Emmett's Fight is excited to launch our Blog today! I feel October is the appropriate month to start up the Emmett's Fight blog. Last year around this time,  Emmett had accidentally Ingested a Button Battery. After much pain and sorrow, Emmett has survived and we are here to tell his story. Emmett is why we are so passionate about spreading the awareness! The blog will be used to update reader's of consumer safety, announce and host fundraising events and also have updates on Emmett's continued healing condition. 

The very 1st blog post will begin with a holiday consumer safety awareness. My dear friend Amy, brought something to my attention, while I was picking her son up for preschool this morning. Ethan, my 4 year old, and her boy are the best of pals. After placing the two boys in their car seats,  Amy handed me a small circular object. A Halloween decorated reflector. She explained that the festive reflector's were all over the stores for the holiday. The intention for these adorable little reflectors, is for children to wear on their Halloween costumes for safety reasons in the dark. Great idea, right! 

 Amy went on to explain, that she was playing with the object and discovered that the top of the reflector came right off, without much effort.  Inside are two BUTTON BATTERIES. Button Batteries are in many household items used today. Electronic's are becoming smaller, needing the usage of button batteries in effort to meet the needs of consumer demand. It is difficult to always avoid item's charged by these tiny batteries. The IMPORTANT thing to look out for is, how the button batteries are encased. Are they secured properly?

 In this reflector, you can see, the two button batteries are held down by only a small prong, easily accessible to a child curious fingers.
Keep a look out for these tiny button batteries. Please make sure they are secured safely inside the device that is requiring their usage.


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