Monday, April 7, 2014

Ethan's Story!

Oh boy! Life certainly has it's unpredictable moments....
I am so happy to be home under one roof as a family once again. Our oldest son Ethan, my strong vibrant and healthy one, fell critically ill with a rare form of Encephalitis. He was hospitalized for 4 weeks, 10 of those days he was in the rehabilitation unit re-learning how to speak, eat, move his head, arms, legs, walk, manage pain and much, much more.
Michael and my fears as  parents were so profound, it was difficult for either of us to control our emotions, eat or even sleep. We felt vulnerable and helpless. What did this mean for our beautifully bright son, who loved to play soccer, read, wrestle with his brother, eat us our of the house with his ever growing appetite, jump on the trampoline, play lego's with his friends for hours on end? It seemed lost, and even uncertain what would become of our sweet little boy once he woke up from the state of unconsciousness that he put himself in.
I have had many people say to me in love and the utmost concern, "why is your family going through this, why Ethan". I don't know why and I am not sure I will ever fully understand, but I know that we must have "opposition in all things" in life to fully understand and appreciate the joys life brings. I have learned that through out life's experiences we are able to grow, develop and become who we are suppose to be. I have learned, among many other things, to look at life as a special gift. To cherish, family, friendships and simple moments. To be kind to others and share with those around me what is most important in life, God!  

I had a LONG talk with my Heavenly Father, right when Ethan was admitted, I knew I was NOT alone. Michael and I are still amazed at the outpouring of LOVE, support, comfort and remorse shown by those in our family, church and community. I know this was how God was answering our prayers, through the love and service of other people. The PICU staff were impeccable! They were quick to test, treat and relieve Ethan's condition. We knew they would, for these were the same Physicians, Nurses, Respiratory Therapist, Tech, Rehab therapists and Child Life who helped our family fight the hard FIGHT for Emmett. It was nothing short of a miracle as the Neurologist was able to quickly diagnosis Ethan with the rare disease and start treatment before it was too late. 
After a few weeks Ethan had a remarkable turn around, the only way best to describe it is as if a "light switch" was turned on. One day he started talking, wanting to walk with his walker and eat. It was incredible! The Physicians and therapist alike couldn't believe this recovery. I know the answer: It was a true MIRACLE and answer because of faith from prayer. He came home 10 days later. He is doing beautifully and currently has 4 therapies each week outside the home. 
Tomorrow is a big day for Ethan, he is returning to SCHOOL! He will attend for an hour and a half each day until the end of the school year. There are several area's were we can tell the swelling on the brain is still present, but the Doctor hope that with in 4-6 months Ethan will be fully recovered! That is what our family is praying for!
I wanted to share this intimate experience, because I know that our family is not the only family going through various struggles and trials. I am sharing Ethan's story to hopefully bring light and hope for those enduring a difficult time! God is real! He hears you and will answer! Not always in the way we expect it, but he WILL answer when there is faith!


  1. Amen to all of it. Ethan will be able to make these miracles an anchor in his life to his Father in heaven. Loves always

  2. Another wonderful story of prayers answered. Thank you for sharing Karla.

  3. Thank you for sharing your miracle! Another miracle! I believe God gives special children to special people and you are truly blessed! Love to you and yours!