Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Life at home as a family for Christmas

Christmas was a dream! Christmas Eve the boys came into our bed early in the morning to snuggle. The joy in both the boys voices brought warmth to my heart. Ethan said in a high pitched tone, "we are a family now". Oh, sweet boy!

Christmas Eve night, we quickly tucked the boys into bed, after returning home from a traditional and joyful night filled with a yummy dinner, caroling and the reading of Christ's birth.  Michael and I reminded the boys that they needed to fall asleep quickly so Santa would have a enough time to come. Ethan made sure to leave out a snack for the Rudolf.

Sunday morning, the boys woke to a Christmas tree trimmed with gifts accompanied by the stockings. They both opened the gift's that were left in the stocking and then we quickly rushed to get into our Sunday best to attend Church. Over the past year Michael and I have not been able to attend church together. Emmett is not able to go out to public events or locations to protect him from catching a virus or infection. My sweet and amazing Mother offered to stay at home with Emmett so Michael, Ethan and I could all attend church together. That was a nice gift. The music was beautiful and I could feel the love and warmth of the Holy Spirit strongly.

After church we returned to open gifts and watch our boys eyes fill with excitement and joy. I LOVE Christmas. Michael then ventured off with Ethan to his side of the family, Christmas dinner.  Emmett and I stayed home and snuggled reading books and exploring his new trucks and lego's.

Emmett is such a joy to be around. The Trach has enabled him to breath with much more ease. He does not require any more oxygen support. Which releave's a large portion of my anxiety and stress. He run's around the house like any other two year old. He is exploring the world around him by digging in the rocks, wrestling with his brother, teasing and interactning playfully with others. This is the Emmett I new before his accident a year ago. Our God is good!

Emmett is on a ventilator at night. This is used to allow his body to be able to fully rest at night. The ventilator will also help his lungs to expand like they should. This will enable them to grow. Emmett is already gaining weight. His face is filling out and when I scoop him up to give him "loves" I can feel the difference in his body weight.

Ethan is my special helper. We walk a thin line and try to be cautious, as you could imagine, Ethan fight for attention. This is a battle that I know many mom's can relate too. It tears my heart to thinkg of all that Ethan has been through this past year and more. He is a super trooper and I am so proud of how much he has bravely endured. Family and friends have been terrific in helping him feel loved and special too.
We will forever be thankful for those special angel's in our lives who helped make our Christmas possible in so many way's. I hope they feel and know our deepest gratitude we send and feel towards them. Thank you!

Thank you all for the faith and prayer's in Emmett and our families behalf. We all witnessed a Christmas miracle.

Go Emmett, Go!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Emmett and his new Trach

Thank you everyone for praying for Emmett and for his Surgeon. The surgery went real well. Michael and I were informed that it may take a while for Emmett to get used to breathing through the Trach and he would need an attachment called a Passy Muir to be able to learn how to speak. 
After an hour and a half post surgery, Emmett was up and playing and speaking with out the attachment. Amazing! Today he did not require oxygen support which he relied on to breath the past 6 months. He has beautiful pink cheeks and for the first time since Emmett's accident a year ago, his chest and neck do not retracted when he breathes. He is one happy camper so far. I know it will not be all bliss... I am just grateful for a good start. This was a very difficult decision to make. We are so grateful for the guidance of our loving Father in Heaven who helped us make this decision. We are so grateful for all of the faith and prayers that were sent to help Emmett and our family. We have been so blessed. It was what Emmett needed.

I loved reading all of the comment's from all the pro Trach parent's. Thank you for your kind words and positive attitudes. We know a beautiful little girl who had a Trach. She was Emmett's pal in the NICU. She and he family have always been an inspiration to our family. Her Trach is out now! It is amazing how resilient children are. 
Having a child with a Trach, we are learning, comes with lot's of training. Emmett will be on a Trach ventilator at night. This will require him to have nursing care every night at home. We are  learning how to suction properly, along with taking a CPR and Trach CPR classes. Emmett will be in the hospital for a minimal of 9 more days. We HOPE to be home for Christmas. We are not certain of this yet, day by day. 

Phoenix Children's Hospital does an amazing job bringing the Christmas spirit to the children and families. We are so grateful for the wonderful, terrific and loving staff in the PICU. I can't say enough about the Physicians, NP's, RN's, Respiratory Therapists and Child Life Specialist among many other's specialists. They all love Emmett. Michael and I truly consider them family whether they like it or not:) 

Here is a video of Emmett 2 1/2 hours post surgery. Enjoy!

Ethan wanted to write you all a note:):

-ethan 4

Friday, December 2, 2011

Please PRAY for Emmett

Today was a scary day! Thursday evening Emmett had a low grade fever. He has 6 teeth coming in right now.  The fever persisted through the night into the morning. It did not increase in temperature and he was still his playful self.

 I layed him down for a nap. He had NO increase work of breathing and his oxygen level's were at there norm. About 2 hours later I heard Emmett coughing and his alarm to his pulse oxymeter sound. I went into find him burning up with a fever and struggling to breath. After watching him closely for a few minute's I decided I needed to call 911. Thankfully my wonderful friend and neighbor Jen was visiting. She held Emmett while I gathered Emmett's bag for the hospital. She then cared for Ethan until my mom was able to pick him up. We were ambulanced to Banner Thunderbird Hospital, which is much closer to our home. The Paramedic's wanted to have him stablized before making the 40min journey to Phoenix Children's Hospital. The Medical Staff at Banner Thunderbird were wonderful. He was given a few breathing treatments and his temperature was taken with the result of 106.0 degrees! The Medical staff immediately called for a helicopter to take us to Phoenix Children's.

When landing on the roof top of PCH, I felt a sense of comfort knowing we were at a hospital who know's Emmett. The Doctor's believe he aspirated his own secreations again, resulting in pneumonia. He also some how caught a stran of Para Influenza, a virus that can result in Croup. Croup to Emmett would be life threatening because of his restricted and complicated Trachea. I am so thankful to our Father in Heaven who is watching out for Emmett and helping us to get to the hospital at a timely matter. I am thankful for the wonderful people who we have been blessed to help our boy. Emmett is currently on antibiotic's among other medications to help treat the illnesses.

Ethan walked into the living room to find 8 Paramedic's working on his little brother. Ethan has seen a lot for a 4 year old. I sat on the stretcher with Emmett in my arms. The look in Ethan's eyes made my heart ache. I told him that Emmett would be okay and that he was going to stay with Miss Jen (our neighbor). He was trying so hard to be brave as his lip quivered and he nodded his head to say "okay momma".  He was trying to be so brave as he waved good bye to us. Oh Ethan thank you for being so brave and strong! I love my boys!

Thank you all for praying for my boys. Thank you for all of your support through this rough time. We are so blessed to have so many people pulling for us and Emmett.

Here is a video of Emmett being air vacced to PCH.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thing's to be Thankful For!

I am Thankful for mornings where I can wake up and put my kids in bed with me to snuggle and watch Seseame Street.

I am Thankful for my beautiful son Ethan. 4 years ago my life changed, I learned the true meaning of Joy!

For my forever large wonderful family and my support system!

I am Thankful for the three boys who make my heart complete!

I am Thankful for wonderful friends who give endless love and support!
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Friday, November 18, 2011

The Joy of Laughter!

The past week has been so wonderful having Emmett home and feeling well. The Dilation procedure that was preformed on Emmett's esophagus last week has done wonders. He is full of laughter. The clip below show's Emmett, Ethan and I playing a game of "Slap Jack" before bed time. Emmett has the most adorable laugh, however you may notice it is silent. Watch and enjoy!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Home Sweet Home!

Mr Emmett made it home this afternoon! We are so excited and wanted to let you all know. After Emmett's surgery on Thursday, Emmett started to turn a corner. He is able to swallow his secretions with out them getting stuck and spilling over into his airway. The surgery is called an esophageal dilation. The original plan was to do this procedure every 4 weeks. Seeing that Emmett's strictures in his esophagus narrow quickly, his Physician has decided to perform the dilation every 2 weeks. We hope this will enable Emmett to stay home instead of being admitted.

 I just put Emmett down for a nap. If you all could only see his face as his little body melted into his crib. A little smile appeared on his sweet face as he closed his eyes to relax.

Emmett has increased his vocabulary, we have noticed just since Friday. Amazing what feeling better can do. He tries to repeat many of the words that we say to him. If you all could imagine, Emmett has an adorable raspy and kind of husky little voice. It totally fit's his little personality.
What a relief it is to have our little buddy home. Ethan is so excited! The two boys both had the giggles on our car ride home. I want to thank our Father in Heaven for helping Emmett get through this scary time. Thank you all for your faith and countless prayers. We are so thankful for the wonderful Nurses, Respiratory Therapist, Nurse Practitioners and Physicians who stayed close to Emmett's side this past week. We are so thankful for their knowledge and Expertise. Thank you!

Michael and I are so excited that our family is all under one roof, once again. Keep fighting Emmett.

 Go, Emmett Go!!!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Emmett's Fight Online Fundraising Event! November 1st-12th

Emmett's Fight is excited to launch our first ever Online Fundraising Event! The fundraiser will begin November 1st- 12th. Proceeds will be generously donated to benefit the Emmett's Fight Campaign.

Shortly after celebrating my son's first birthday, Emmett accidently ingested a coin size button battery which was housed in our family remote control. The damage that was tragically created inside Emmett's body, has been a horrific and painful nightmare. It has been a battle to save his life ever since.  Emmett is why we have started this campaign, we want to prevent another innocent child from grasping their little fingers around these tiny lethal monsters. Please help us FIGHT with Emmett! You can help us reach out and educate those in our community on a local and national level! You can help us take action! You can help us give comfort and support to those children and families who have suffered! Help us spread the awareness! You can help us by purchasing the product's listed below.

There is power in numbers... Help spread the awareness by clicking "Like" on Emmett's Fight Facebook page. The more who read about Emmett the more who will know the danger's that come from Button Battery Ingestion. Help us save lives!

Tricia, from Baby Night Night Boutique has designed a 3 trendy logo's on T-shirts. Styles for men, woman and children. I love the logo's she has created. We hope that people will ask, "who is Emmett?"
"Like" Baby Night Night Boutique on Facebook.

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The Apple Avenue, is a shabby chic shop full of adorable headbands and little lad's neck ties. Janae, the owner, has designed a chic headband. Color's where custom picked in tribute to Emmett's Fight!...as a side note... check out the little lad's neck ties... My Ethan-bug is the adorable model!
"Like"  The Apple Avenue on Facebook.

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Heidi, from The Pretty Poppy, hand stamps sterling silver pendants, decorated with the words Emmett's Fight.  The pendant is accompanied with a Swarovski crystal. Available in a necklace or key chain option. Stamped pendant's are one of my new favorite types of jewelry lately. I love wearing mine!
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Cenia, is a Scentsy Representative. She is helping Emmett Fight by her generous contribution from her business. Buy any Scentsy product online under the "Emmett's Fight" party between November 1st and November 12th and all proceeds will go the Emmett's Fight Campaign.
Click here  Cenia's Scentsy Shop

A special Thanks to Tricia from the Baby Night Night Boutique, Janae from The Apple Avenue, Heidi from The Pretty Poppy and Cenia from Scentsy. Thank you for helping us make Emmett's Fight possible by your generous donation. Thank you All for making a difference by you purchases! Go Emmett, Go!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Everybody dance!!

We feel like dancing around here! So we wanted to share this happy video of our sweet boy with all of you.
Emmett is home and doing better than he has in a long time. We are indulging in the little things, like our Son shakin his booty! Enjoy.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

An anniversary.... And good news!

Yes friends, it has been 1 whole year since we discovered and REcovered the battery in Emmett's esophagus. We are so thankful that he is here with us today, he continues a miracle.
Emmett went in for his 21st surgery the day before yesterday. This wasn't his usual esophageal dilation. This time it was done under fluoroscopy (like a CT scan). His esophagus was dilated in two areas. The narrowing was preventing Emmett from swallowing his secretions, the way you and I are able to. Instead he chokes and then aspirates into his lungs which is causing all sorts of complications. The dilating is now allowing the secretions to drain into his stomach like they are suppose to. This "dilating" process is done gradually, in millimeters. He will have it every 3-4 weeks for quite some time. Now for the good news: it already seems to be helping!  Each night we are up with Emmett every 2-3 hours to prevent him from drowning in his own fluids.
Last night Emmett had the best SLEEP he has had in over 6 months!!  WOO~HOO!!
Speaking of precious sleep, we are looking forward to hopefully having a night-nurse one or two nights a week so Michael and I can get ourselves some. 
For now we are feeling extremely blessed for the tender mercies that we experience daily. We know our Heavenly Father is close, we also feel his influence in our cause; "Emmett's Fight".  Yes, there is some very exciting exposure coming our way!  This attention will shine a much needed light on the dangers of button batteries. It will save lives! We promise to fill you in on the details when the time is right.
Before I sign off, we want to thank you all once again for your continued prayers and support. We know it's a long road, and we are so happy that you are traveling it with us.


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Spooky Halloween Awareness!

Emmett's Fight is excited to launch our Blog today! I feel October is the appropriate month to start up the Emmett's Fight blog. Last year around this time,  Emmett had accidentally Ingested a Button Battery. After much pain and sorrow, Emmett has survived and we are here to tell his story. Emmett is why we are so passionate about spreading the awareness! The blog will be used to update reader's of consumer safety, announce and host fundraising events and also have updates on Emmett's continued healing condition. 

The very 1st blog post will begin with a holiday consumer safety awareness. My dear friend Amy, brought something to my attention, while I was picking her son up for preschool this morning. Ethan, my 4 year old, and her boy are the best of pals. After placing the two boys in their car seats,  Amy handed me a small circular object. A Halloween decorated reflector. She explained that the festive reflector's were all over the stores for the holiday. The intention for these adorable little reflectors, is for children to wear on their Halloween costumes for safety reasons in the dark. Great idea, right! 

 Amy went on to explain, that she was playing with the object and discovered that the top of the reflector came right off, without much effort.  Inside are two BUTTON BATTERIES. Button Batteries are in many household items used today. Electronic's are becoming smaller, needing the usage of button batteries in effort to meet the needs of consumer demand. It is difficult to always avoid item's charged by these tiny batteries. The IMPORTANT thing to look out for is, how the button batteries are encased. Are they secured properly?

 In this reflector, you can see, the two button batteries are held down by only a small prong, easily accessible to a child curious fingers.
Keep a look out for these tiny button batteries. Please make sure they are secured safely inside the device that is requiring their usage.