Friday, November 18, 2011

The Joy of Laughter!

The past week has been so wonderful having Emmett home and feeling well. The Dilation procedure that was preformed on Emmett's esophagus last week has done wonders. He is full of laughter. The clip below show's Emmett, Ethan and I playing a game of "Slap Jack" before bed time. Emmett has the most adorable laugh, however you may notice it is silent. Watch and enjoy!


  1. Oh my - so adorable. His face just lights up and I love that big smile!! Hoping and praying that things continue to go well for Emmett and you all!

  2. He looks so good! I am so glad you are getting things back to normal. This video melts my heart. All our love!

  3. That is the best laugh I have ever heard, I mean seen! So glad he's doing well. Your boys are adorable! Happy birthday Ethan!