Friday, March 23, 2012

Emmett's Esophagus

This coming Tuesday, Emmett will have a swallow study and procedure performed to look at the quality and structure of his esophagus. Basically to see if we are moving in the right direction. I have had many kind and concerned reader's ask, "Will Emmett's esophagus ever be fully functional again?" The prognosis is unknown at this point, however Emmett's terrific surgeon says he is hopeful. Michael and I have come to love and trust Emmett's surgeon, so we are holding on to that hope! There are currently a few concerning area's of Emmett's esophagus that his team of physician's are keeping a close eye on. We are so thankful that Emmett has been home for 3 STRAIGHT MONTHS now. Woohoo!All of this time that Emmett is able to be home, he is becoming stronger and healthier. Thank you Father in Heaven. We will keep FIGHTING! Go Emmett, Go!

A special thank you to Kathy Scoffield at Kathy Scoffield Photography for helping to capture these special moments of Emmett.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Esophagus Dilation

Every 2-4 weeks Emmett goes into Phoenix Children's Hospital for an esophageal dilation. The reason for the dilation's is to stretch out the strictures (tight scar tissue) that builds up in his esophagus. The strictures become so tight that Emmett has a difficult time swallowing his own saliva. The dilation take's place in the Operating Room and is performed under Fluoroscopy (similar to a CT scan type of machine). General Anesthesia is used to keep Emmett comfortable and very very still. The procedure is it to a severe strep throat times 5. Ouch!

Emmett usually wakes up well from the anesthetic. Yesterday, we seemed to be in a lot of pain. He was coughing more blood than usual and required oxygen support after coming off of the anesthesia. Michael and I were concerned that Emmett may have to stay over night, but the wonderful nurses were patient and were able to help him make it home last night. Woohoo!

Thankfully, we have nursing care and a ventilator for Emmett at home. He was able to sleep comfortably and today he is doing much better!

I wanted to share this video of Emmett in the pre operating unit. PCH has a great play room to help entertain and side track the kiddo's as they prepare to go into surgery.

Thank you for all of  your prayers yesterday!