Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bonzi and Pinky Show

I was privileged to receive an email from a woman named Kathy, Emmett and I met her back in September 2011, when Emmett was admitted at Phoenix Children's Hospital. Kathy and her husband along with their two adorable Yorkie's Bonzi and Pinky, came to Phoenix Children's Hospital to help lift the children's spirit's. Many children, like Emmett, have spent months living in a hospital and appreciate new and exciting visitor's. Bonzi and Pinky are not just any adorable canine's, they put on a impressive show called The Bonzi and Pinky Show. To learn more check out their website.

 Emmett enjoyed interacting with Pinky the most. She loved giving Mr Emmett kisses.

A sweet video put together by Kathy and her organization.

I am so grateful for those in our community who come out to PCH and make a difference in the lives of those who are suffering. Thank you for making a difference Kathy!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

We have a Cincinnati Date!!!

Hooray!!! I received a phone call today from the scheduling department at Cincinnati Children's Hospital. Emmett is now officially scheduled in for the Areodigestive program evaluation. Michael, Emmett and I will be venturing out to Cincinnati the last week of August for 5 days. Emmett will undergo several test's, scopes, a high resolution CT scan and consultations.  It will be a busy week, but nothing that we have not done before. Michael and I feel at peace about starting this next chapter in Emmett's medical experience. I will be praying for continual guidance for the Physicians both in Cincinnati and here in Phoenix. Hooray!

Off to schedule traveling arrangements!
Ethan will be staying in Phoenix with family spoiled by lot's of LOVE!

A video of the Esophageal center that Emmett has also been accepted into at Cincinnati Children's.
Go Emmett, Go!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Mr Emmett and Big Brother Ethan

The joy that my two boys bring into my life, help me to face each day with strength and courage.
The time seems to be passing slowly as we are still waiting to hear a final schedule date for Emmett to be evaluated in Cincinnati, OH. I have come to understand that many (not all) individual's who work in the administrative medical field have not the slightest idea what it is like to care for a critically ill child. Time is of the essences. So I take a deep breath and continue to working on  my patience skills. :)

Emmett has started on a new medication to help prevent the retching, which seem's to be helping a little bit. He used to receive his nutrition on an hourly basis. His meal time consisted of me pouring formula into a large syringe (bolus feeding) and wait for gravity to fill his belly through his G-tube.  For about 7 week's now Emmett has been placed on a continuous feeding regimen instead of the hourly bolus. His little body has not been able to digest the formula correctly causing him to "dump". We believe the issue is a result of  the surgery performed last year, a portion of Emmett's stomach was taken and needed to try and reconstruct a portion of the esophagus that had been damaged due to the battery ingestion. Slowing the input of his food allows his body to digest the nutrients appropriately. 
Again, patience is virtue I am learning:)

The image above is the pump that Emmett uses. It is small and weigh's about 5lbs. Emmett carries it around all day and night in a little back pack that we strap on to his sweet little back.
Ethan is a good little helper bug too. He makes sure that Emmett doesn't step on his feeding tube cord and encourages him to keep his backpack on by putting on his own backpack and wear it around the house for hours.  Hooray for big brother Ethan. I love Ethan and Emmett's sweet relationship.

Tonight as I was putting the boys down for the night, Ethan, Emmett and I  were laying on Ethan's bed surrounded by a zoo of stuffed animals. The boys giggled, wrestled and rolled a round while I was reading them a book. After several attempts of trying to read the first page of the book, I decided to give up and just enjoy the beautiful sounds of their adorable laughter. So perfect, pure joy!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Walmart, PCH and Emmett's Fight Working Together for a Great Cause. Part II

Phoenix Children's Hospital and Walmart went far and beyond our expectations by sharing Emmett's story and Emmett's Fight website with the customer's of Walmart and Sam's Club.

Here are a few images sent to us by shopper's and supporter's of Emmett's Fight Campaign. 
Thank you!

 Emmett's Photo is next to Mickey Mouse

At the register.

I want to share a story from my beautiful Aunt LaWana and her experience with a Walmart employee who is helping to spread the word! 

"I had a crazy experience last week at Walmart. I ran in to get some envelopes I needed and when I went up to the counter to pay, they asked if I would make a donation to the Children's Miracle Network (PCH). The clerk said that they were raising money fora little boy named Emmett. I said, "That's funny, my nephew Emmett has been making appearances for PCH. I donated money during the last telethon when he was on air in his honor. He swallowed a button battery...." I then told him about Emmett's story ( I always try to spread the word). Anyway, he and another clerk who had walked up stared at me agog, then started peppering me with questions... 

We could not believe it was the same person. When I shared what a sweet little boy he is and what a wonderful family you are, they actually teared up. The clerk checking me out told me that he asks everyone and had already taken in 22 donations. I think giving them an example of a child who has been helped by the hospital makes a big difference, as it makes it seem more real.

I know that the appearances you and Emmett are making really do make a difference. Go Emmett...Go Rauch Family!" - LaWana Thomasson

Thank you Aunt LaWana for sharing your experience and helping to fight with Emmett by sharing his story.

The movement continues.Go Emmett, Go!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Walmart, Phoenix Children's and Emmett's Fight Working Together for a Great Cause. Part I

I am overwhelmed with all of the support and exposure our awareness campaign has achieved over the past three months.

For 20 years Walmart and Sam's Club's state wide, have been raising money to support Phoenix Children's Hospital (PCH). Last year together the two organizations raised over 1 million dollars. Wow! What a terrific voyage. For 2012 Phoenix Children's Hospital chose Emmett to be the "honor patient" for the fundraising campaign. 

The fundraiser kicked off with a huge bang! Six-hundred Walmart and Sam's Club employee's and management gathered together at the University of Phoenix Stadium (Cardinal's Stadium) for a pep rally, motivational speaking and for them to meet Emmett a surviving patient of PCH.

 Plaque award for the highest earning store location's for 2011 fundraiser.

 University of Phoenix Stadium. Home of the Arizona Cardinal's.

PCH Foundation team!

 Arizona Cardinal's Mascot, "Big Red".

  Local High School band
 Jennifer Sedler, Miss Arizona announced Emmett and I on stage.

Emmett and I sharing his survival story. Encouraged those in attendance to spread the word about Emmett's Fight.

 Mr Ethan and Daddy waiting off stage. Ethan was such a well behaved little man.

Arizona Cardinal player, Adrian Wilson.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Cincinnati Update!

Thank you, thank you for all of your faithful prayers in behalf of Emmett last Wednesday! Friday I was contacted by a nurses who was in attendance at the Areodigestive meeting to discuss treatment plans for Emmett. She explained that the Physician's in the Areodigestive team joined by those in the Esophageal program agreed on a course of action they would like to take with Emmett. So YES Emmett was accepted into the program in Cincinnati!!! Hooray!

Emmett will undergo a variety of numerous tests, scopes, CT scan and more during the Areodigestive evaluation. The evaluation will be about 5 days long. Michael and I will then meet with the group of attending physicians, who will be taking on Emmett as their patient, and discuss what their plan will be.

The process is moving along. Both Michael and I have had  feelings of peace throughout this process. We are currently working out a few kink's as far as travel, however our Father in Heaven always seem's to make away for everything to work out. We could not do this journey without Him!

Keep moving forward with faith!

Go Emmett, Go!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Thank you Scooter's Cake Creations

Rachel from Scooter's Cake Creations made our family a beautiful and may I say delicious cake! Chocolate mint! 
Rachel is not only a talented cake designer, but holds a special place in our families heart. Rachel is a respiratory therapist and has taken care of Emmett many times when Emmett was in the Pediatric ICU (PICU). We fell in love with her instantly, she was so gentle and loving with Emmett. As Emmett has difficult airway and lung issues, she focused a lot of needed attention with Emmett. Rachel's attention and expertise brought comfort and peace to me during our hospital stay. Thank you Rachel!!!

The cake design was made in tribute to Emmett and our Button Battery Awareness Campaign. The detail and design was so beautiful, I know if must have taken hours. The cake was so beautifully personalized. 
On the top tier she displayed the Emmett's Fight logo, "Go Emmett, Go", and a choo choo train ( Emmett's fave).

The bottom tier displayed "", "Button Battery Ingestion Awareness" and around the top wrote the words "the wheels on the bus go round and round" (the song Rachel would sing to Emmett while receiving a breathing or vest treatment in the PICU). The cake was so amazingly delicious. We are so grateful for her kindness in sharing her talent with our family. Thank you Rachel!

To view more of Rachel's beautiful work check out Scooter's Cake Creations Facebook page or visit her  Blog.
Thank you Rachel!