Thursday, June 14, 2012

Walmart, PCH and Emmett's Fight Working Together for a Great Cause. Part II

Phoenix Children's Hospital and Walmart went far and beyond our expectations by sharing Emmett's story and Emmett's Fight website with the customer's of Walmart and Sam's Club.

Here are a few images sent to us by shopper's and supporter's of Emmett's Fight Campaign. 
Thank you!

 Emmett's Photo is next to Mickey Mouse

At the register.

I want to share a story from my beautiful Aunt LaWana and her experience with a Walmart employee who is helping to spread the word! 

"I had a crazy experience last week at Walmart. I ran in to get some envelopes I needed and when I went up to the counter to pay, they asked if I would make a donation to the Children's Miracle Network (PCH). The clerk said that they were raising money fora little boy named Emmett. I said, "That's funny, my nephew Emmett has been making appearances for PCH. I donated money during the last telethon when he was on air in his honor. He swallowed a button battery...." I then told him about Emmett's story ( I always try to spread the word). Anyway, he and another clerk who had walked up stared at me agog, then started peppering me with questions... 

We could not believe it was the same person. When I shared what a sweet little boy he is and what a wonderful family you are, they actually teared up. The clerk checking me out told me that he asks everyone and had already taken in 22 donations. I think giving them an example of a child who has been helped by the hospital makes a big difference, as it makes it seem more real.

I know that the appearances you and Emmett are making really do make a difference. Go Emmett...Go Rauch Family!" - LaWana Thomasson

Thank you Aunt LaWana for sharing your experience and helping to fight with Emmett by sharing his story.

The movement continues.Go Emmett, Go!

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