Sunday, March 31, 2013

Officially a Soccer Mom!

I feel as if I came to a "right of passage"... I am officially a soccer mom! I don't drive a mini van or a Volvo, but I do have an adorable little five year old who is excited to kick around a soccer ball and be on a team.
Ethan has been excited to play soccer for months now. He just could not turn five fast enough. Ethan and his dad went shopping for the shin guards, cleats, soccer ball, shorts and socks.

This morning, Saturday, Ethan had his first soccer game. His team name is the Sharks. Friday night he was so excited for this game,  he carefully set out his uniform and squirmed and giggled as he climbed into bed. The next morning, just as the sun was beginning to rise, Ethan bounced into our room ready for the big game.

The Rauch family headed out the door for an 8am game. The team consists of friends that Ethan attends church with. It was great to be cheering on our little Sharks with friends and family.

  Ethan and his pal Henry
 Let's go Sharks! 
Emmett and his Grandma
Emmett is Ethan's #1 fan. He refused to get out of his stroller, watching the game pretty intensely for a 3 year old. I could hear his quiet raspy little voice holler out, "E-an" (aka Ethan). (Yes his socks are not matching... that is how we roll in our house hold)

I loved the sense of pride I felt watching my little Ethan-bug running down the soccer field. He may not be the most coordinated player right now, but what a joy to see him growing up and learning to enjoy new things. Life is so good!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

February... A Wedding, hiking and a little kite flying!

As many of you know.... I love photos! So I will be showering my post today with a photo journal of this past month. It was busy and full of fun memories....

February started off with Emmett taking a visit to Phoenix Children's Hospital Pediatric ICU. Emmett came down with a RSV virus that hospitalized him due to his weak little lungs for about 3 days. It was nice to see all of our old pals... nurses, doctors, respiratory therapist and child life specialist, however I would prefer to see them at Target or the park instead. We sure love that PICU, Emmett had spent 8 months there in 2011.

Emmett came home from the hospital just in time to welcome our extended family in town for a wedding in the family.

 Emmett enjoying a leisurely picnic with his cousin Stella.

The following week. Ethan and Emmett's Uncle Stu tied the knot and now the boys have a new aunt... aunt Kenzie!
It was so wonderful to be with my entire family for the week. There are seven grandchildren on my side and Ethan is the oldest at five years old. So it was a bit wild and maybe a tad crazy, but we loved every minute of it!

Bride and Groom

Ethan, Emmett and their cousin Ella! The Suites just kill me, I adore my little men!

Ethan, Emmett and their uncle Scott

The sweet kiddos... just missing little Clara(7 months old) she was napping in the stroller. Their expression, explain it all! 
Left to right: Benny, Stella, Ella, Ethan, Emmett and Tristan.

I am so grateful Kathy captured this moment. Melt!

The weather here in Phoenix has been so incredible! My most favorite time of year is spring. My boys have such wonderful grandparents. Today we went for a hike and played at the park.
Grandma brings lots of yummy snacks for the kids. Note... Emmett trying out licorice for the first time (only licking). He had a red mustache as evidence.

A slight breeze made it perfect to fly a Buzz Lightyear kite. Go Ethan!

Ethan instructing Stella, how to maneuver a kite correctly.

Hike complete... Michael, Emmett, Ethan, Stella and her mommy Crystal, Grandma and Tristan. Love our Arizona desert!