Friday, June 1, 2012

Thank you Scooter's Cake Creations

Rachel from Scooter's Cake Creations made our family a beautiful and may I say delicious cake! Chocolate mint! 
Rachel is not only a talented cake designer, but holds a special place in our families heart. Rachel is a respiratory therapist and has taken care of Emmett many times when Emmett was in the Pediatric ICU (PICU). We fell in love with her instantly, she was so gentle and loving with Emmett. As Emmett has difficult airway and lung issues, she focused a lot of needed attention with Emmett. Rachel's attention and expertise brought comfort and peace to me during our hospital stay. Thank you Rachel!!!

The cake design was made in tribute to Emmett and our Button Battery Awareness Campaign. The detail and design was so beautiful, I know if must have taken hours. The cake was so beautifully personalized. 
On the top tier she displayed the Emmett's Fight logo, "Go Emmett, Go", and a choo choo train ( Emmett's fave).

The bottom tier displayed "", "Button Battery Ingestion Awareness" and around the top wrote the words "the wheels on the bus go round and round" (the song Rachel would sing to Emmett while receiving a breathing or vest treatment in the PICU). The cake was so amazingly delicious. We are so grateful for her kindness in sharing her talent with our family. Thank you Rachel!

To view more of Rachel's beautiful work check out Scooter's Cake Creations Facebook page or visit her  Blog.
Thank you Rachel!


  1. thank you so much! You inspire me to be a better person! Love you guys! GO EMMETT GO

  2. What a good and kind person!
    It's so adorable and sounds delicious!