Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Cincinnati Progress Update.... Lot's of Prayers

I am asking for prayers... Tomorrow early morning, Wednesday May 30th,  Emmett's case will be presented to the Aerodigestive Program at Cincinnati Children's Hospital. I have spent a couple of hours on the phone this past week speaking with one of the nurses who is collecting Emmett's medical records to prepare them to be  presented. 

I am praying for guidance and direction from the attending physician's in the meeting. The meeting will hold multidisciplinary physicians, Pulmonology, GI, ENT, Pediatric Surgery, Anesthesiology, Dietitian, and Speech Pathology. 

The team of Physician's will evaluate Emmett's medical history and come up with a plan of action. A nurse will then call us report to Michael and I what the plan will be. If we are interested, then scheduling our trip out to Ohio will be the next step.

I know if I ask the Lord, he will help guide the physicians, he has so many time's before in Emmett's behalf. He has guided those here in Phoenix. I have a good feeling about this next voyage and I hope, for Emmett's sake, that we can find solutions that will enable Emmett to live a long and beautiful life!

Cincinnati has a Esophageal Center. This group will also be in attendance at the meeting and as far as I understand have been notified about Emmett. There is HOPE!

I am so grateful for all those who have worked so hard for the care of my Emmett bug! We are so greatly blessed.

Thank you for all of your faithful prayers!

Go Emmett, Go!

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  1. Go Emmett Go! And give all of those caring doctors and nurses and specialists a big hug :-)