Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Cincinnati Update

I want to update the progress that has been done so far towards making our way out to Cincinnati, Ohio. We will be traveling to get a second opinion at the Cincinnati Children's Areodigestive Program.

Step 1: Referral from Doctor  -Check

Step 2: Medical Records sent from PCH to Cincinnati Children's - Check

Step 3: Check with Commercial Airline - Check, the commercial airline is not able to take Emmett.

Step 4: Look up Medical Flight and coverage from insurance. - In progress

Step 5: Cincinnati RN reviews Emmett's medical record

Step 6: Areodigestive group (A Pulmonologist, Gastroenternologist, Pediatric Surgeon, Ear Nose and Throat, Speach therapist and Nutritionist meet to discuss Emmett's case

Stet 7: Once approved an individual from Cincinnati Children's will call to schedule Emmett into the program. We should only be in Cincinnati for about 5 days.

Step 8: Book airline, hotel and car rental.

Cincinnati Children's

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  1. Yay for getting things checked off of the to do list :) Hopefully the rest will fall into place quickly and smoothly for you! Our Prayers will be with the Dr's to help with Emmett's care plan and what the best route will be to help his recovery.