Friday, May 18, 2012

A few words

As much as I try to look for the light in the dark tunnel our family has been in this past year and a half, there are just some days that my heart feels heavy. In our home the reality is each day life is still a fight to survive, a fight to be comfortable, a fight for Emmett!

Michael and I have opened our family to the community by sharing Emmett's story in an effort to spread awareness of a hidden danger that placed our family in a world of pain, anguish, sadness and uncertainty. I am not looking for sympathy. Only that writing is therapeutic for me and I hope one day to look back at the post's as only a journal entry and distant memory.

Each day Emmett deals with many complications. I try and post the many joy's that come to remember to count them as blessings. When I have days as a mother, where I struggle with my emotions, I can look back at the photo's and post's and realize I am so richly blessed.

Emmett struggles with retching ( fierce dry heaving). Retching was not an issue before the accident of swallowing the button battery a year and a half ago. It is one of the many side effects. Many parent's with special needs kids can understand the pain, struggle and heart ache it is to watch your child retch. On a good day Emmett will retch up to 3-4 times and hour. On a difficult day, which is more frequent than not, he can retch up to 10 times per hour. Retching puts Emmett into distress, causing his oxygen levels to drop, strains his fragile esophagus, sweat profusely, causes his mouth to pool saliva which then spills over into the trach (airway) and into the lungs which then results in a low grade fever. He also then becomes lethargic.

The Physician's here are fully aware of Emmett's issue and they are doing the best of their knowledge to help out Emmett.

A month ago I wrote about a personal decisions I made to try and never ask WHY. Sometime's it is difficult in Emmett's behalf. My heart ache's each day as I have to watch my son suffer. I do have faith, I know Emmett's and my families suffering is not in vain.

I have met some pretty amazing woman through this experience. Forgive me Cindy I didn't warn you I was writing this. Cindy is a pretty amazing woman who know's heart ache on a daily basis. She inspires me to keep moving forward as she and her husband do with courage and faith. Cindy's family story . Thank you for your example!

I love music and one of the ways I try and find peace is by listening to beautiful and inspirational songs.  I came across this on youtube the song is about a courageous woman named Emma. I found myself saying... Okay Emma did it, so can I. This woman knew heart ache and pain. She lost a few of her children to illness then later she lost her husband at an early age. I find strength from woman who have fought and shown such bravery. Thank you for all those who are an inspiration to me.

Thank you everyone for their faith and prayers. Time to keep fighting!

Go Emmett, Go!


  1. You are so amazing...... stay strong .....

  2. That is one of my favorite songs ever Karla! Sometimes (for me at least) when you write "happy posts" I think you are living life the way I am with 3 healthy kids but posts like today remind me that even though Emmett has "good days" you're still faced with so many obstacles to help keep Emmett comfortable and healthy. Thank you for posting the good and the bad. You have such incredible strength! You are an amazing woman! You are an amazing mother! Those boys are so blessed to have you :) Thank you for being you and on top of everything you do everyday you find the time and energy to help spread awareness so that other children will be safe. You ARE making a difference! My thoughts and prayers are always with you and your family!! -Candra

  3. I love this song and the Nashville Tribute. Thanks for sharing it. Also, I was just talking with my mom today about her sister who passed away from lung cancer six months ago. She was an angel in earth, yet suffered immensely before she passed. It is not easy to understand the purpose of such good people enduring such hardship. Like you, I believe suffering is not in vain.

    My aunt Melanie's story is chronicled on her blog, It brings me peace to read her words and how faithfully she endured her trial. She is an inspiration to many.

    So is Emmett.

    And so are you, Karla. Thanks.

  4. I love that whole cd- one of my favorites. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Karla, You are an extraordinary wife, mother and friend. I can not imagine with pain you are all going through watching Emmett fight for his life. He is such a strong, sweet little spirit. I continue to pray for him and the rest of your family every day. I wish there was more I could do to help and take the pain and heartache away. But prayers are a sure sign that you are being watched over and protected by our Heavenly Father on a daily basis.

    I love you.