Thursday, May 24, 2012

Meet Hope, Read her Amazing Voyage for Emmett and Raising Awareness!

Meet Hope, an incredible and inspirational 11 year old girl from St Louis 
Missouri. Half way across the country, this young girl watched the inspiring video on you tube created by the Battery Controlled in an effort to help spread the awareness of the danger's of Button Battery Ingestion. 

In the video, a story is told about a young boy and his fight to survive after swallowing a button battery. This little boy is Emmett. She was so touched that she with the help of her mother, went on to the Emmett's Fight website to learn more about our little Emmett. Hope's mother, Stacey, contacted us and explained that Emmett's story had touched her daughter and their family. Hope wanted to do something to help the Battery Controlled and Emmett's Fight spread awareness.  Read about Hope's inspiring odyssey.   

I spoke with Hope's mother Stacey and asked her what inspired Hope to take on such a courageous and moving project. Stacey said,  "She (Hope) saw the YouTube video and it touched her heart and launched her into action.  She chose to make her classroom (at her elementary school)  aware of button battery dangers and it turned into their class service project for the year.

They (Hope's class) prepared a presentation that they presented to the entire faculty in order to gain awareness of the issue and then gain permission to visit each classroom (kindergarten -5 grade) to make a similar presentation.  They did this in December.

·         When they visited the classrooms they were focused on raising awareness of button battery ingestion to:
·         1st raise awareness of the issue 
·         2nd raise awareness for the fundraiser for Emmett’s Fight

·         Each morning for about 3 months, a few kids from the classroom set up a stand in the school entrance and sold the orange bracelets.

They used many of the components of The Battery Controlled (website) to help in their presentations.
They also used videos to help tell the story. 
Mrs. Bushway told me that their presentation was very touching and almost brought her to tears."

Hope is in the green T-shirt standing in the back next to her Teacher Mrs Bushway.

Hope and her school raised $379.97 for our Emmett's Fight Campaign! Michael and I are speechless. We are so grateful for Hope and her amazing voyage to spread awareness to member's in her community. We feel it is so important that siblings of younger children know about button battery dangers. The youth in the community can be  helpful in preventing an item containing a button battery from getting into the hands of small children. Hope you are moving mountains and helping to save lives.

Thank you Hope, Thank you Mrs Bushway's 5th Grade Class, Thank you Prairie View Elementary School!

Go Hope!
 Go Emmett!

In the interest of full disclosure, Hope’s mother is an Energizer employee and a spokesperson for The Battery Controlled. While I do not have a paid relationship with Energizer or The Battery Controlled, I consider Emmett’s Fight to be a partner we share the same mission – to help educate parents and caregivers about the severity of this issue and to prevent other children from swallowing coin-sized button batteries.

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