Sunday, November 13, 2011

Home Sweet Home!

Mr Emmett made it home this afternoon! We are so excited and wanted to let you all know. After Emmett's surgery on Thursday, Emmett started to turn a corner. He is able to swallow his secretions with out them getting stuck and spilling over into his airway. The surgery is called an esophageal dilation. The original plan was to do this procedure every 4 weeks. Seeing that Emmett's strictures in his esophagus narrow quickly, his Physician has decided to perform the dilation every 2 weeks. We hope this will enable Emmett to stay home instead of being admitted.

 I just put Emmett down for a nap. If you all could only see his face as his little body melted into his crib. A little smile appeared on his sweet face as he closed his eyes to relax.

Emmett has increased his vocabulary, we have noticed just since Friday. Amazing what feeling better can do. He tries to repeat many of the words that we say to him. If you all could imagine, Emmett has an adorable raspy and kind of husky little voice. It totally fit's his little personality.
What a relief it is to have our little buddy home. Ethan is so excited! The two boys both had the giggles on our car ride home. I want to thank our Father in Heaven for helping Emmett get through this scary time. Thank you all for your faith and countless prayers. We are so thankful for the wonderful Nurses, Respiratory Therapist, Nurse Practitioners and Physicians who stayed close to Emmett's side this past week. We are so thankful for their knowledge and Expertise. Thank you!

Michael and I are so excited that our family is all under one roof, once again. Keep fighting Emmett.

 Go, Emmett Go!!!


  1. so happy for your family!!!! Emmett looks so cute in his glasses!!!

  2. So happy Emmett is home! Welcome home handsome!!

  3. Glasses are adorable, what a little sweetie. So relieved he's home and that he'll have more frequent dilations!

  4. Glad your home Emmett!
    Home is the Best place to be
    ♥ God Bless you sweet boy♥