Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Emmett and his new Trach

Thank you everyone for praying for Emmett and for his Surgeon. The surgery went real well. Michael and I were informed that it may take a while for Emmett to get used to breathing through the Trach and he would need an attachment called a Passy Muir to be able to learn how to speak. 
After an hour and a half post surgery, Emmett was up and playing and speaking with out the attachment. Amazing! Today he did not require oxygen support which he relied on to breath the past 6 months. He has beautiful pink cheeks and for the first time since Emmett's accident a year ago, his chest and neck do not retracted when he breathes. He is one happy camper so far. I know it will not be all bliss... I am just grateful for a good start. This was a very difficult decision to make. We are so grateful for the guidance of our loving Father in Heaven who helped us make this decision. We are so grateful for all of the faith and prayers that were sent to help Emmett and our family. We have been so blessed. It was what Emmett needed.

I loved reading all of the comment's from all the pro Trach parent's. Thank you for your kind words and positive attitudes. We know a beautiful little girl who had a Trach. She was Emmett's pal in the NICU. She and he family have always been an inspiration to our family. Her Trach is out now! It is amazing how resilient children are. 
Having a child with a Trach, we are learning, comes with lot's of training. Emmett will be on a Trach ventilator at night. This will require him to have nursing care every night at home. We are  learning how to suction properly, along with taking a CPR and Trach CPR classes. Emmett will be in the hospital for a minimal of 9 more days. We HOPE to be home for Christmas. We are not certain of this yet, day by day. 

Phoenix Children's Hospital does an amazing job bringing the Christmas spirit to the children and families. We are so grateful for the wonderful, terrific and loving staff in the PICU. I can't say enough about the Physicians, NP's, RN's, Respiratory Therapists and Child Life Specialist among many other's specialists. They all love Emmett. Michael and I truly consider them family whether they like it or not:) 

Here is a video of Emmett 2 1/2 hours post surgery. Enjoy!

Ethan wanted to write you all a note:):

-ethan 4


  1. How wonderful! He looks so happy. :)

  2. So glad to see Emmett doing so well. Nice guitar!

  3. Glad to hear Emmett's surgery went so well and he's bouncing back quickly... and look how happy he is! What a blessing!

  4. oh!! What a joy it is to see that warm smile, Emmett! Karla and Michael - you guys are phenomenal! We are so thankful that prayers keep getting answered and you all are in tune with the spirit. I had a few tears of joy this time around just knowing things are going in the right direction. To no surprise, Emmett pulls through so many difficult things, as if it's a snap. I'm glad he has so much love surrounding him. And Ethan buddy - thanks for your awesome words. I needed to hear that today!! Continued love and prayers. Go EM GOOO!!!