Friday, April 18, 2014

The Real Live Batcave!

Mr Bruce Wayne heard about Emmett and Ethan. He contacted me and said because of the two boys bravery that he would like to invite them to an exclusive tour of his private Batcave here in Phoenix! I was told to keep this a secret until the boys arrived for the tour. Mr Wayne sent his private Limousine to pick up our family and drive us to his facility. The experience was something I know our family and my boys will never forget...
I got special permission to share our incredible experience:) 

Mr Wayne wanted the boys to be able to share this experience with their friends, who will also attest to the amazing experience!

The tour started in Mr Wayne's famous office (an exact replica of the 1960's Batman series). From the the antelope head on the wall, to the wallpaper, the Shakespeare head and the hidden door bookcase, Mr Wayne's office was quite Original!

The crew received special instruction from Mr Wayne and Batman.

Ethan and Emmett didn't particularly like the sight of the Joker.. He is pretty creepy!

The head of Shakespeare held the "green button" to allow us to enter the exclusive Batcave! 

A fire pole was mandatory to slide down to enter the cave...

Once we entered the Bat-cave, the kids were were free to roam around and explore Mr Wayne's latest and greatest technology

Mr Wayne created this cave in honor of Colten Cowell, a true hero! 

Even the adults enjoyed exploring the Batcave;)

A fact I didn't know about Batman... He has a Batman Mobile Parachute Pick up Service. Hilarious!

A special report came in stating that Batman needed help to save Gotham city. The kids were called to action and were able to ride in the Batmobile and motorcycle.

Even I was able to catch a ride in the Batmobile with my long time friend Brandy and her son Tucker.

Mr Wayne is not only generous to allow us to bring our friends and tour the Batcave and ride his famous Batmobile, he also donated to two local charities we know and love! Thank you Mr Wayne for making my boys dreams come true! Thank you Room for Joy for nominating our family for this special experience! We are so grateful and feel so blessed!

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