Monday, February 11, 2013

Feeding Tube Awareness Week!

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Emmett ingested a button battery that was housed in the remote control to our family room DVD player almost two and one half years ago. The damage was so significant that every since Emmett has depended on a feeding tube that was surgically placed in this stomach (G-tube) to supply him with his adequate nutrition. Emmett currently has a (GJ-tube) that by passes his stomach and feeds right into his small intestines. We tell Emmett he just has two belly buttons... one is his original... the second is his GJ-tube. He thinks it is pretty neat! 

Hundreds of thousands of children and adults depend on feeding tubes for various reasons and conditions. It is so important that those using these feeding devices feel the support of those in their community. This is why we are sharing Emmett's story and reason for why he uses a feeding tube! We are so grateful for modern medicine and God's hands in all things!

Go Emmett, Go!

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