Sunday, October 30, 2011

Emmett's Fight Online Fundraising Event! November 1st-12th

Emmett's Fight is excited to launch our first ever Online Fundraising Event! The fundraiser will begin November 1st- 12th. Proceeds will be generously donated to benefit the Emmett's Fight Campaign.

Shortly after celebrating my son's first birthday, Emmett accidently ingested a coin size button battery which was housed in our family remote control. The damage that was tragically created inside Emmett's body, has been a horrific and painful nightmare. It has been a battle to save his life ever since.  Emmett is why we have started this campaign, we want to prevent another innocent child from grasping their little fingers around these tiny lethal monsters. Please help us FIGHT with Emmett! You can help us reach out and educate those in our community on a local and national level! You can help us take action! You can help us give comfort and support to those children and families who have suffered! Help us spread the awareness! You can help us by purchasing the product's listed below.

There is power in numbers... Help spread the awareness by clicking "Like" on Emmett's Fight Facebook page. The more who read about Emmett the more who will know the danger's that come from Button Battery Ingestion. Help us save lives!

Tricia, from Baby Night Night Boutique has designed a 3 trendy logo's on T-shirts. Styles for men, woman and children. I love the logo's she has created. We hope that people will ask, "who is Emmett?"
"Like" Baby Night Night Boutique on Facebook.

Click here Baby Night Night Boutique

The Apple Avenue, is a shabby chic shop full of adorable headbands and little lad's neck ties. Janae, the owner, has designed a chic headband. Color's where custom picked in tribute to Emmett's Fight! a side note... check out the little lad's neck ties... My Ethan-bug is the adorable model!
"Like"  The Apple Avenue on Facebook.

Click here  The Apple Avenue

Heidi, from The Pretty Poppy, hand stamps sterling silver pendants, decorated with the words Emmett's Fight.  The pendant is accompanied with a Swarovski crystal. Available in a necklace or key chain option. Stamped pendant's are one of my new favorite types of jewelry lately. I love wearing mine!
"Like"  The Pretty Poppy on Facebook.

Click here  The Pretty Poppy

Cenia, is a Scentsy Representative. She is helping Emmett Fight by her generous contribution from her business. Buy any Scentsy product online under the "Emmett's Fight" party between November 1st and November 12th and all proceeds will go the Emmett's Fight Campaign.
Click here  Cenia's Scentsy Shop

A special Thanks to Tricia from the Baby Night Night Boutique, Janae from The Apple Avenue, Heidi from The Pretty Poppy and Cenia from Scentsy. Thank you for helping us make Emmett's Fight possible by your generous donation. Thank you All for making a difference by you purchases! Go Emmett, Go!


  1. I'm happy to say that I like Emmett's fight on Facebook and I'm going to put your logo on my blog, as well. I am struck by the importance of this issue as I have a 3 1/2 and 5 1/2 year old. I'm going to blog about this over at my blog, Life, Naturally, as well. Would love for you to come visit. Blessings to you, Emmett and the family during his recovery.

    Hugs, Cassie

  2. He's truly a fighter. How is he now? It must be difficult to see him in pain, with all the surgeries done to him. But still, he seems to be playful and happy despite the challenges. This an eye-opener to all parents out there that they should take those remote controls out of the sight of their kids.

    Lauren Edith

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