Monday, February 13, 2012

The hive's have finally left Emmett's body. The cause for the bout of 3 week hive's is still a mystery, however a dose of a 5 day steroid did the trick and Emmett has been hive-less for a week now. Emmett met a new physician, Dr Rose, he is an Allergist and Immunologist. Kind man, he spent a generous amount of time meeting and learning about Emmett. I think Dr Rose will be a great addition to Emmett's team for his road to recovery.

I am so thankful every day that Emmett is home! We are going on 7 1/2 consecutive weeks. Each morning that I wake up and know that Emmett had a restful and safe sleep with the watchful care of his great nurses, bring's such peace to my mind. 
I am so thankful to my Father in Heaven for each moment we have together as a family. I love waking up to his sweet smile, or his excited face when he see's Ethan for the first time each new day. I soak in the picture of Ethan and Emmett playing together. Emmett is Ethan's little shadow. Emmett is quite the two year old... For example... I just had to run into his room because he pulled off his pulse monitor, as I walked, in he had the oximeter in his hand. Stinker! I love it though... Emmett is being a two year old, whether he is in a sassy mood or not, I am so grateful for these moments.

This image is of Emmett's pulse oximeter. The top number (red) shown is his oxygen rate that is being passed through his body. The bottom (green) number is his heart rate. For his age, literally these number's could not be any more perfect. I find my self taking a deep breath,  relief! For over a year, Emmett's pulse oximeter would alarm continuously, informing us that either Emmett's body was not taking in enough oxygen or that his heart rate was dangerously high. The stress that it cause for both Michael and I was felt unbearable at times. How thankful we are, that we are no more seeing these dangerous number's.

 I praise God for these past 7 weeks. Emmett is home and Michael and I are now able to set goals and plan family picinic's at the park and enjoy being a family home once again. We are so blessed!

Once again we ask for all to continue to spread the word and share Emmett's survival story. It can be as simple as email Emmett's website to family and friends. Thank you for all that you do in spreading awareness about Button Battery Ingestion!

Go Emmett, Go!

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