Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Finger Painting and the Mysterious Hives

The Hive's have returned. Actually they only disappear for about 24hours after the last break out a few weeks ago. He have been in to see the Pediatrician and will return again for another evaluation tomorrow. Also we have been speaking with his Specialist and we believe the cause is one of the many medications maybe causing this allergic reaction. Thankfully Emmett is not in any distress respiratory wise. Problem is... he has had no new changes to his medications in 6 months. Crazy!

Finger painting... This activity is difficult for me. I get a little anxiety thinking about paint possibly being splattered around my kitchen by very curious and creative 2 and 4 year old. However I took a deep breath and caved in. 


 Thank goodness for washable paint. Emmett liked using his pants to wipe the paint off of his adorable little fingers.

Emmett is continuing to thrive! For so long we have been struggling to keep Emmett stable medically speaking. Now that Emmett has a secure airway (Trach), he is able to do things that he has never done before, be a true 2 year old boy.  Emmett's terrific Therapist's are proactively setting goals for his rehabilitation, now that he is stable. It is going to be a whole lot of work, however I am so excited to be at this stage of Emmett's  life! We are so blessed, thank you dear God! I will keep updating Emmett's progress as we keep moving forward!

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