Sunday, January 29, 2012

Orange Crocs, A Car Wash and Train Parks

The car was over due for a car wash. It never rain's in Phoenix however the dust makes up for it when it come's to needing a car wash, but somehow it still takes me a few months to give the ole car a good bath. Usually, the boys and I venture our way over to the local car wash, but on Saturday I thought it might be fun to have the boys help me do a little scrubbing. I used to love washing our family van when I was younger, the bubbles, the hose and a wash rag war with my siblings. So fun!

It was 72 degree's that day, so we rolled up our jeans, put on our flip flops and got to work. When Ethan was about 2 years old, he used to wear a pair of bright orange Crocs. I remember him wanting to wear them everywhere, to the park, grocery store, church and even sometime's he would try and wear them to bed.
I was delighted to discover that Emmett's adorable little feet were able to fit into his older brother's used to be Crocs.

Mr Emmett blowing kisses

 My good little helper

 This picture is my favorite... Hard a work

 Ethan loved using the hose to spray the car... his little brother and his mommy.


Emmett and Ethan's aunt Lizzie and cousin Benny came into town. It was a beautiful day out and we traveled over to a train park. Ethan really enjoy's train's. Thomas the Train is a big hit in our house hold.

Ethan, Benny,  aunt Liz, Grandpa, uncle Scott and I preparing for the train ride

  Grandma, Benny and Uncle Scott watching the train

A week later, Ethan's wonderful preschool teacher, planned for his class to attend different train park.

I love watching him interact with all his pal's at school. Amazing how fast they grow.

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