Wednesday, January 4, 2012


2012 has been wonderful so far...Even if it is only 4 days into the year.
We are enjoying being home as a family. I made dinner last night and I was so excited I had to share it with you all. Thanks to my wonderful sister Janae and my Mom who gave me this decious healthy pizza recipe. Yum!

Emmett used his strong muscles to help me put the Christmas decorations away. It is so bitter sweet. I LOVE Christmas and all of its decoration, however I can't wait to get the clutter out of my home.

Ethan is my big boy helper, everyother day he helps by watering the plants in my flower pots.

Having Emmett home, come's with a lot of medical equipment. I was feeling overwhelmed as box after box arrived at our door. Where the heck was I going to put all of this??? Thankfully Emmett has two amazing nurses that help us out at home. Between the two of them they cover 5 nights out of the week. I think they could tell I was on the edge of going crazy, so they kindly helped me organize his room. Thank you Ladies.

Emmett giving you all a tour of  his hospital... I mean room.

 Emmett has been so lovely to have at home. He and Ethan have so much fun together. Ethan love's to be my little helper. The other day I heard Ethan say to Emmett, "Its okay Doc, big brother's can help". So sweet!


  1. Good job on the pizza. I finally am reading your blogging, Karla. You are so warm and appreciative, I am proud of you once again.
    PS I like my new sassy hair color.

  2. You and your family never cease to amaze me...we love you. Can't wait to come take the personal tour of your medical facility myself! Let me know what you need help with, hugs :)