Friday, July 13, 2012

Devin's Eagle Project...

A few months ago I wrote about a fundraising breakfast organized by a 13 year old boy, Devin. Devin and his family are friends of our's from church. 
Devin is a Boy Scout and is working hard to become and Eagle Scout, the highest rank in the Boy Scouts of America program. To earn this award,  Devin needed to complete a certain number of  hours of service in his community. Devin contacted us and shared that he wanted to focus his eagle project to benefit Phoenix Children's Hospital (PCH) in honor of Emmett.
Our hearts were deeply touched.

Devin hosted a fundraising pancake breakfast. The turn out was great and those who came to show there support, donated generously.

With all of the generous proceeds, Devin was able to purchase or make:
Legos - 37 packs
Dolls - 23
Stuffed balls - 44
 Finger Puppets in Space Ships - 26
 Blankets - 99 (All Sizes)
 Bead Kits - 7
 Rattles - 75
All for children who are being treated at Phoenix Children's Hospital. 
Devin and his mother, Barb, made Ethan and Emmett to adorable blanket's.  Ethan's blanket has "Darth Vader" from "Star Wars" and Emmett's blanket has "Lightning McQueen" from the movie "Car's". Both the boys favorite!

Once all of the supplies were collected and gathered. We accompanied Devin and his parent's to the hospital to deliver the donations.

Michael and I were also able to show Devin and his family around Emmett's old stomping grounds, the Pediatric ICU (PICU).

Devin and his mom, Barb, in one of the room's Emmett was treated in in the PICU.

We are so grateful for Devin and his great example and kindness towards the member's of our community. Thank you so very much. While Emmett was being treated at PCH, we received gifts, similar to those donated by Devin. A simple thing such as a gift can make a difference in a child's day while living in a hospital. Thank you!

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