Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Walmart, PCH and Emmett's Fight Working Together for a Great Cause. Part III

The third and final chapter to our Walmart, Phoenix Children's Hospital and Emmett's Fight outreach. On June 9th, our family attended a Black Tie Event hosted by Walmart in honor of Phoenix Children's Hospital. We pulled out our fancy shoes and purchased two adorable 5 piece suits for the boys. 
The gathering consisted of many local and national vendor's of Walmart coming together to donated to a wonderful hospital for children.

Michael and I were asked to speak to the audience that evening. I shared Emmett's story and encouraged those who were in attendance to help spread the awareness of the danger's of button battery ingestion. Michael noted our families appreciation for Phoenix Children's Hospital in caring for our Emmett.

Ethan and Michael 

Mr Emmett 

Emmett and Miss Arizona, Jennifer Sedler and Miss Maricopa

While enjoying the delicious dinner of Prime Rib and Fettuccine Alfredo, Entende a local rock trio, shared their talent. We have become huge fans ever since. Entende shared Emmett's story and the awareness of button battery ingestion on their Facebook page and encouraged their follower's to take action. Thank you Entende!

Ethan and Emmett were very well behaved most of the evening. By 9pm however, the shoes came off and there was no stopping the wrestling. Boys will be boys.

Michael and I are so grateful for Walmart and Phoenix Children's Hospital for helping us share Emmett's story and spread the awareness! 

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