Sunday, October 28, 2012

Emily's Toys 4 Joy!

Meet Emily! Help her donate toys for the pediatric patients at the local Hospital's for this holiday season!

Emily is a beautiful young lady who has been making a difference in many children's lives for the past 4 years.
A few years ago, Emily was hospitalized for a serious injury. Emily's Story. During her hospital visit she received a gift that helped to distract her from the many unknown's that the hospital brings.
Once she was discharged from the hospital and sent home, Emily decided, along with her parent's to would  start an organization. The organization today organizes Toy Drive's to donate Pediatric unit's in the local hospitals.

December 2011, Emmett was hospitalized for the entire month. Michael and I had to make many difficult and aggressive decisions for Emmett's care. He had a portacath and a trach surgically placed that month. Our time was spent at Emmett's bedside or tending to Ethan's needs. This allowed very little time to do our Christmas shopping for the boys. Christmas is very special to our family. 
As the week of Christmas arrived, we had a talk with Ethan about how Christmas  was going to be very simple and how the most important thing was that we were going to be together with Emmett as a family.
On December 23rd, Wendy our dear friend and Child Life Specialist escorted all the parent's in the Pediatric ICU to a conference room at Phoenix Children's Hospital. The entire room  floor to ceiling was filled with toys. We were given a bag and were told to go "Christmas shopping" for our family. I was so overwhelmed by the amount of toys for all ages that had been presented in the room. I was so emotional and  thankful that my boys were going to be able to have presents to open under the tree. 
A majority of these gifts were donated from Emily's wonderful foundation, Emily's Toys 4 Joy.

Saturday evening, Michael and I were blessed to meet Emily at an event  to help collect toys for this upcoming Christmas season. 

We are a little late to be joining in the Toy Drive, but Emmett's Fight would like to help in collecting toys for children in the hospital for the Holiday Season!
Emily's Toys 4 Joy collect's toys for 5 valley Hospitals:
Phoenix Children's Hospital
John C Lincoln (Mendy's Place)
Scottsdale Healthcare
Banner Thunderbird
Banner Cardon Children's

 Emmett is a veteran of two of these great hospitals!

We are asking for all those who can and are willing to please help Emily give Christmas/ Holiday gift's to the children in our local hospitals here in Arizona.
The toys need to be new and for the age's of 18 years and younger.
Toy idea's:
Stuffed animals
Arts & Crafts supplies
 Emily's Foundation has many drop off locations city wide including Tuscan.  For a list of drop off locations please click HERE
 Emily's Toys 4 Joy has a Wells Fargo account for those who might like to donate out of state.

The Toy Drive ENDS October 30th!!!
Ahhh! Only 2 days left, but we are hoping to be able to give back and would love for you to join us too! For those friends and family in our area, I will have a drop box on our front porch until Tuesday evening. 

Thank you so very much!
I am so excited, for the holiday's are just around the corner!

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