Sunday, November 18, 2012

Emmett on Animal Planet!

Emmett's survival story will be shared with all the world on the television series Monster's Inside Me  this Friday, November 23rd at 8pm Eastern/Pacific. For Arizona viewers 9pm!
I am excited about the air date for it falls on "Black Friday" the largest consumer shopping day of the year. I hope, the episode will bring awareness to parent's of the danger's of button batteries and encourage them to safe guard their home this holiday season.

Michael and I have not seen the episode, we are anxious to see how it all turned out.
Hooray for Button Battery Awareness being Spread! 
 Go Emmett, Go!!!!


  1. Random blogger here! I found Emmett's story a while back and have been following you ever since. My husband was watching tv tonight and I looked up to see your face. I said, "That's Emmett's mom!" Thank you for sharing your story and getting the word out!

  2. Today, saint - nicolas day, the day kids receives presents from saint nicolas in Belgium Discovery channel send out the story about Emmett. I hope he 'll have a normal live. Strengt for mam, dad and his older brother. Greetings Marc

  3. I just saw a rerun of the show with Emmett's story. I googled his name and found this page. I am praying for Emmett and your family tonight. "with every adversity there is a seed of equal out greater benefit." May your story bring hope and awareness to others who need it. I can see you and your family are a blessing to many!