Thursday, December 13, 2012

Emmett's, Mommy Thoughts

It has been awhile since my last post. Life has been a bit crazy with making arrangements for coming out to Cincinnati for Emmett's big surgery (a new esophagus).
Today is day 7 post operation in Cincinnati, Ohio. We had the esophagram today and Dr vonAllman, Emmett's surgeon, gave us two thumbs up. He was pleased with the function and to confirm that there was no leakage at the surgical sights connecting the new esophagus.
The voyage of taking Emmett down stairs to get the esophagram was quite an adventure. Emmett is still in the Pediatric ICU(PICU). For him to travel, it consisted of 1 Resident(Doctor), 1 nurse, 1 respiratory therapist, 2 transport assistance and 2 worrisome parents. We were quite the entourage.
Emmett still depends on sedation and pain medication and a ventilation system connected to his trach to breath. Emmett also has quite a few impressive battle wounds from this surgery. During the esophagram Emmett had to be rotated from one side to the other, which is extremely painful with his incisions. I think the  most difficult part as a mother, is to see the pain and panic in Emmett's eyes. His eyes say so much and when they look at me with such desperation for help, it makes me want to crumble. But I can't... I need him to be strong and so I try and be strong for him. I whisper a silent prayer to God above for mercy and peace on Emmett's behalf. I then grab his hand and try and sing a song. His favorite is,

"Jesus wants me for a sunbeam, to shine for him each day
In every way try to please him, at home, at school at play
A sunbeam, a sunbeam, Jesus wants me for a sunbeam
A sunbeam, a sunbeam, I will be a sunbeam for Him"

Emmett is definitely my "Sunbeam"! Emmett just closed his eyes and held on tight to my hand. He is so amazingly brave and tolerant. At 3 years old, it is hard for him to understand why the Doctor's and nurses need to do certain procedures. My dear friend Michelle and Emmett's previous PICU nurse in Phoenix, has taught me to talk Emmett through what is going to happen before it happens. Emmett responds real well to this. So Amazing what he understands and comprehends when he is on so many narcotic's and pain medication.
I am so grateful for all of the tender mercies we have experienced. 1. We have had two incredible day nurses that love Emmett and are very attentive to his needs. 2. The Attending Intensivist (PICU Doctor) is terrific and is patient and listen's to Michael and my concerns. 3. Emmett's surgeon, Dr vonAllman is so kind and checks in on Emmett twice daily. 4. Michelle(Emmett's Phoenix PICU nurse) was able to come out and give support for the first week we were here. 5. Emmett has recovered more stable and quickly than any other major surgery. 6. Emmett preoperation was the healthiest and strongest he has every been in his short little life so far. 7. Michael will be able to stay out with me the entire journey here in Ohio.
Our Father in Heaven is AMAZING! I LOVE Him. I know my Savior LIVES and carries our burdens if we have FAITH and believe! I am thankful for all the many ANGELS here on earth who have supported us in prayer, emotionally, physically and spiritually!
God Speed Emmett!
Go Emmett, Go!


  1. So So happy to hear Emmett is doing well post-op--it sounds like everything is as good as it could be at this stage...hang in there, and feel the prayers and strength being sent to you from Az. and the world...Go Emmett, Go! <3

  2. This story is absolutely AMAZING! Such a long journey for you all. Thank you for sharing your faith and the beautiful miracles that you experience. You have so much compassion for others--think what an amazing man little Emmett will be! God bless you all with more Christmas miracles and love and support.