Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Our journey home to Arizona and a Merry Christmas!

To be home. I can not express the joy that I feel as I sit at my desk in my own home to write this blog post. I have so much to tell that has happened to our little family over the past few days. So many miracles, so many kinds hearts and generous hands, I feel the love of my Savior surround me.
Emmett's miraculous healing, has caught me by surprise. In Ohio, I was talking with Dad on the phone. I  expressed to him, how unbelievable the entire journey has been, I was in disbelief of the fact that Emmett was coming home just 2 weeks post his major operation. My Dad listened then kindly said, Karla start believing because it is happening, the Lord is blessing you and your family.
 For six months we have been planning or anticipating this surgery for Emmett. We have been so blessed to have people in our lives who have so lovingly, kindly and generously helped our our family. From airplane tickets, to gift cards, financially, Christmas gifts, cleaning my home while we were away, setting up and decorating our Christmas tree. You name it is was done without Michael or I asking. So wonderful!

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The past week our lives required a little rearranging. Michael's parent's had brought Ethan out on December 17th to be with us during Christmas. Our family was expected to be in Ohio, for Emmett's recovery, until the second week of January. Since we were coming home 3 weeks earlier there was much to do in a short amount of time. I was so grateful to have my in-law's there for help with the boys and my sanity.
The boys did great on the airplane. Emmett fell asleep for about half of the flight. Ethan made friends with this sweet elderly man sitting across the aisle from us. The man was so cute, he had his blue jeans on, a fleece flannel shirt and suspenders. He was flipping through a tracker magazine and noticed Ethan eyeing it from the corner of his eye. The man turned to Ethan with his sweet wrinkly grin and said, "Son how would you like a tracker magazine". The look on Ethan's face of priceless. Thank you sweet elderly man from Illinois.

My Dad and brother Scott picked up our family from the airport. It was madness with all of the holiday travelers. We eventually found each other and headed home with a car packed full of luggage. As the car made a turn onto our street, I noticed dozens of car's lining the side walk. I said, "wow someone is having a party". Little did I know that that party was for our family. Over 150 people young and old, filled the cul de sac we live on. With candles in hand they sang sweet caroling hymns. I could not believe it! I quickly woke the boys and  Michael and I ran out of the car to greet the crowed. It was so beautiful, reverent and peaceful. Michael and I were so touched to see such a kind and warm welcome home for our family. I know there were many I was not able to see or thank for coming out that evening. Thank you! It meant the world to our family. A beautiful Christmas gift. Thank you Wendy, my Mom and Candra for arranging such a priceless moment for us to always remember. I love you!

After giving hugs and waving farewell to our guest, we entered our home to find our Christmas tree set up, trimmed and the tree skirt filled with Christmas gifts. Michael and I just looked at each other with awe! Our home was cleaned and linens were changed. Breakfast for the next day was on the counter along with homemade bread and Christmas goodies. Unbelievable or I guess I should say believable:)

Christmas Eve was simple we stayed in our pajama's until one in the afternoon. Napped. Ventured over to my parent's and enjoyed a night of delicious Christmas ham, singing, reading the story of Christ's birth and eating Christmas cookies. All of the wonderful tradition's I remember doing since I was a little girl.

Christmas morning we awoke to evidence of Santa's midnight visit. A half eaten cookie, chocolate milk gone and Santa and reindeer foot prints marked by snow on our front porch. It was a magical morning! Christmas gifts were open through out the day. Micheal's parent's made it home safely and joined us for a Christmas feast, that she kindly prepared.

I love watching Christmas video's. My favorite is of those about the birth of my Savior, Jesus Christ. I found this one and loved the message it shared. I just had to share it!  Christmas for me is to remember the life of Christ and to celebrate His coming to earth and to try and follow his example. I felt His presence so evident in my life these past few years as I have learned to witness his hand in my own and my families lives, through those around me, who have reached out to help. I am so grateful for all of the kind emails, texts, phone calls, fb comments that have encouraged our family along with rough journey. I am thankful for your faith and prayers. What a miracle we have witnessed. Emmett's road to recovery is not over but we are on the right path and we looked forward to a progressing future.

Merry Christmas Everyone!
Go Emmett, Go!


  1. Keep us posted. I love to hear about Emmett, Ethan, Michael and You. you are a strong person and have a strong faith in God. Don't forget that with Him, All things are possible!!!!

  2. Merry Christmas! What a wonderful blessing. I am so happy all went well and you made it home in time for the Holidays- what a tender mercy! You are an amazing/strong mom! What lucky boys! Thank you for sharing some of these experiences. It's made me appreciate things and strengthened my faith.

    We will continue to pray for Emmett and your family! Enjoy this Holiday season, and have a happy new year.

    Miriam, Nate, & Dyson