Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Safe Kids Day Event and the Button Battery Experiment!

Safe Kids Day was a great success! Michael and I were able to speak with many parent's about the risk and dangers of button batteries in the home. We also encouraged parent's to keep  the tiny batteries out of little arms reach and brought attention to what items contain the button batteries..

Look closely at the bottom of the picture below... Michael and I presented two experiments, that many commented on, being a great visual to demonstrate what kind of reaction a button batteries will have on the body.

The Hot Dog Experiment:

This is a video of a news clip showing in more detail the hot dog experiment.

Mitchell's Experiment:

Mitchell and his family are dear family friends. I have worked with his mother in the past on this issue of button battery ingestion. After hearing Emmett's story, Mitchell explored the idea of what other fluids would cause a reaction when comes in contact with a button battery. Here is what he discovered. (Please, do not try this experiment at home especially if you have little ones, just learn from Mitchell's experiment)

Following Mitchell's directions (modified slightly), I took three cups and placed a small amount of liquid in each cup. Each cup contained a different type of fluid. 1. Lemon juice 2. Sprite 3. Saliva
Within a half of an hour the Saliva started to cause a reaction with the button battery.
The image below was taken 6 hours after I originally placed the button batteries into each cup. 

Warning: The image below is a bit gross!

If this kind of reaction to saliva can be caused with in 6 hours, imagine what it can do inside of a small child. We believe Emmett's button battery was housed in his tiny body for about 3 days. Those who might be new to following Emmett's story, Michael and I did not see Emmett ingest the button battery. We noticed flu like symptoms and immediately took him into the doctor. He was missed diagnosed with a cold and we were sent home. Two more doctor visit's later, a chest x-ray was taken of Emmett and then the button battery was  discovered  lodged inside his esophagus. 
Button batteries are dangerous! Keep items that contain them, up and out of reach of children.

A mother who stopped by our both, brought her older son over to show him the danger's if a button battery was to be left out. She sternly taught him of the importance of  carefully putting the batteries away after using them in his electronic devices, this young man has a younger sister. I wanted to give this mom a hug! The awareness of button battery safety is not just for parent's alone but for siblings, cousins, friends, grandparents alike. 
Get the word out fast!!!

Go Emmett, Go!

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