Sunday, October 20, 2013

Cincinnati, Ronald McDonald House and a Big and Little Emmett

We are here in Cincinnati once again. Cincinnati has been a positive experience for our family. Michael and I discussed how we actually look forward to coming out to Ohio. 

Emmett has become quite the frequent flyer and is a fabulous flyer... He fell asleep at departure and ended his little siesta during the landing. I was able to get in a little reading time, it was quite enjoyable.

"Brown bear", so Emmett calls him, came along for the journey too. Emmett was tired of holding him so he set him down. I thought it was a pretty clever spot,
I want to thank all those who make it possible for Emmett to receive his medical care here in Cincinnati;  our wonderful families and sweet, sweet Cherril Knight. We love you and thank you all so very much! Ethan I can't wait to come back and snuggle you oh so tight!

Emmett has a busy week filled with clinic appointments, scopes, sleep studies and procedures. We are anxious to meet his surgeon, Dr Von Allman, again tomorrow morning. This is the first time since surgery last December, Emmett had his esophagus removed a replaced with a portion of his large intestine, that he has seen Emmett. I am so excited for him to see the progress that Emmett has made over the past ten months home in Phoenix. Emmett truly is a different kid physically. It is incredible. We are so grateful for our loving Heavenly Father.

Our family has the opportunity to Stay at the Ronald McDonald House this trip. Ethan was not able to come with us this time because of his school schedule. He was so disappointed to be missing out on the Ronald McDonald House, he had such a wonderful experience here last winter.

Emmett spent an hour this evening playing with many of the toys in the activity room.

Emmett made a new friend today...Emmett!

Emmett works for the same company as Michael and has become a great friend and mentor. He and his family, Toni, Emmett (Trey) and Sean have been following Emmett's story over the past couple of years. Our family was able to meet up with Emmett here in Ohio. Thank you Emmett for the nice visit and your kindness!

We are so grateful for the many people who continue to pray for little Emmett and his recovery. Prayers are continuing to be answered as our family witnesses the miracles our Father in Heaven has poured down upon us. Thank you all for your faith!
Go Emmett, Go!

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