Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Our family met someone this evening who has deeply touched my heart. A sweet mother of a young and precious warrior named Wylder. Last year Wylder was sent home to our loving Father in Heaven at a young and tender age. His short little life however, was triumphant and he showed the world, through his sweet little smile, how to be a more beautiful and peaceful place.
I have a new hero, Wylder's parent's. After reading his mother's blog and her two recently published children's books, my heart was filled with laughter, joy, heart ache, hope and love. Although I know it must be difficult, I am grateful for this families openness to share their journey of their precious Angel with us all. This families story is beautiful and uplifting. Their faith and optimism is inspiring. On the home page of the blog Wylder's mother Shannon beautifully describes her love for her son.
Take a moment to be inspired by this incredible family.

Shannon has written and illustrated two children's books dedicated to her son, Little Wish and Warrior Baby  We had the privileged of reading them to our boys this evening. Our family was moved by the message.
Shannon and her husband have also started a non for profit foundation dedicated to raising awareness and research for Niemann Pick A disease
Thank you Shannon for touching our lives. Thank you for teaching us what is truly important in life! Our prayers are with you. God Speed!
- The Rauch Family

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