Monday, September 10, 2012

"Brace it for Brayden" Please Read!!!

With a heavy heart I want to share this story with you, please read and share among your friends.  Heather a heroic mother, contacted me and shared her families story of heart ache and sorrow. The outlook and brightness that she and her husband share is amazing and truly inspiring. Together they want to share their son Brayden's legacy by spreading awareness in an effort to save another child's life!

Brayden, a beautiful 3 year old boy, was sent home to Jesus December 31st, 2011 after becoming a victim of a heavy dresser and television set that had fallen on top of him. The impact of the fallen dresser killed him instantly. He was simply curious and climbed up the drawers after being tucked into bed that night. .Brayden's mother shared, "After kissing (him) goodnight and beginning to watch his movie, we never knew that would be the last time we would get to spend another waking moment with our son". 
What courage Brayden's mom and dad have for sharing their son's story and bringing this to other parents and caregiver's attention. Brayden's parent's have started a non profit foundation in honor of their sweet angel Brayden called "Brace it for Brayden". Please visit their website by going to Brace it for Brayden and read Brayden's story and then share it with your friends. "Brace it for Brayden" also has a facebook page.

Heather, I want to share that our family immediately took action and started "Bracing our shelves for Brayden". Here are two book shelves in Ethan's room. We went to Home Depot and secured them into the wall. Thank you Heather for bringing this to our attention and sharing your story! Our prayers are with you, God Speed!

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