Thursday, September 20, 2012

The ADAPT Chair

Emmett deals with a few sensory delays due to him born premature and long term hospitalization because of  the battery ingestion almost two years ago. Emmett was deprived of this important development because of the state of his health and his complicated medical cindition. Hooray!!!  Emmett, is now able to work on correcting and catching up for the lost time. It will not be an easy road, however their is a path! So grateful for modern medicine and technology.
Information on the bodies sensory systems:
"All human beings receive information from their internal and external environments through the senses: vision, hearing (auditory), touch (somatosensory or tactile), taste (gustatory), smell (olfactory), vestibular (movement), and proprioceptive (joint and muscle). We respond to these stimuli automatically. The term sensory integration refers to the process by which we receive this information, the central nervous system directs the information to the appropriate parts of the brain, and the information is "integrated" or synthesized, so that we can respond to the stimuli in an adaptive manner".( Source of quotation

Miss Jen, Emmett's Physicial Therapist, connected us with Gayle from Southwest Human Development. She is a Physical Therapist who is the founder of the ADAPT Shop. Throughout Gayle's career she has been researching and studying ways to help children with their sensory development. She has invented the ADAPT Chair!
Emmett is at high risk for scoliosis due to the many operation performed on his abdomen and right thoracic side of his body. The chair will enable Emmett to sit up correctly and give him support to rotate from side to side. It will also give him the correct support and posture for when we are ready to start feeding him by mouth. Some day, some day. Sigh! Because the chair is designed to form a snug fit, he is able to receive the sensory input he needs to be aware of his surroundings. The sensory system is so incredible, I am so amazed each time I learn more about it.

The ADAPT Chair
Gayle came out to our home, took measurements of Emmett, and created a special chair made out of  a foam like substance. Best of all it is washable with rubbing alcohol. She measured Emmett's legs, waist, back, arms, neck and shoulder's. The chair was customized and fabricated just for Emmett-bug!

The ADAPT Chair also came with a table.

The chair pushes right into the side of the table.

Emmett's little bottom and hips etched out for a perfect fit. 

Notice his dinosaurs lined up perfectly by size. He cracks me up how meticulous he is.

Brotherly love.

I couldn't resist, I sure love this little Ethan-monkey. He sure brings joy to my life!!!

So grateful that we live in a time with so much knowledge and advances in medicine. I am so grateful that God is aware of our needs. So grateful for His love for us!

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