Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Rap about Emmett and Me!

Here is a tribute to all of you "Trach Moms" out there. My Dad loves to write up poetry and today he said these words kept rolling over in his mind, so he decided to write them down and put it to a rap.  So thank you to my Dad who notices the everyday craziness that happens in my home. Thank you for always being willing to help. I love you Dad! Thank you for thinking I am "awesome". 

a – a – a – Awsommme!
I know an awesome Mom!
She used to be my girl,
But now she's got two boys,
And she know how to curl. (I am a hairdresser)
She does her own blog,
And she’s on the TV,
She’s - got more hops,
Than energizer bunny.  (Battery Controlled)
bo – bo – bo – bolusssss!
She knows all the hospitals,
She knows all the rules,
The doctors better listen,
Or she’ll take them to school.
She mixes up the food,
And it looks kind of ikk,
And if you need to suction,
Put your thumb on number 6!  (The number we have to suction Emmett's trach)

s – s – s – Suctionnnnn!
She has to watch the trach,
What he eats, she has to see,
And when he cracks smile,
Emmett, where’s the H M E?
Two boys that like to wrestle,
And get carried away,
You get them off to bed,
And start again the next day!

Oh yea, she's Awesome!
a – a – a – Awsommme! Awsommme!

-By Stan Thomasson


  1. Lol that's awesome!
    My daughter has a trach and I'm a hairdresser