Saturday, September 7, 2013

An apology and a blog post WAY overdue!

 Goodness! I have to apologize for the absent over the past month. What a whirlwind it has been, however a very exciting whirlwind and I am about to tell you all about it! 

Mr Ethan started Kindergarten!!! I can't believe he is old enough for this exciting adventure. I of course was more anxious than he was and could not sleep the night before. I has a little worried that he would have some anxiety after dropping him off, but he rocked it like a champ! He said to me, " I got this, mom, I got this".  He has a fabulous teacher who sends home daily emails about his homework assignments and how much she enjoys working with the kids in her class. She has been such a dream as a teacher, especially for a first time kindergarten mom;).

Ethan wears a uniform, which I am loving, and makes sure we are 15 minutes early to school each day. He watches the clock and when its time...we all better be in the car or else.... This has been a struggle for me since I am known for being "fashionably late" everywhere I go. But with Ethan's help, we have been "early" every morning since school has begun. Yahoo!

We have another school boy in our home! You guessed it, Mr Emmett! He is officially a preschooler and I am not hyperventilating. To be honest, I did sit in the first three weeks of school just in case he needed me:) I do realize that I am a helicopter mom, however I will forever justify my reasoning for it. Michael has told me I just need to work through it before he gets married, so I have about 30 years right?!?;)

He too has the most wonderful teacher! Emmett LOVES her and is so excited when it is time to go to school. Emmett also attends school with two of his best pals, Owen and Cooper. The first day of school, Cooper ran up to Emmett, grabbed his hand and said "come on Emmett, I show you around". Oh precious!!!
Emmett is also starting to wear a pasi muir valve (a one way valve) on his trach. The valve enables his voicing to be louder for others to understand him. He loves having a  "loud voice". Evidence: He started yelling all around the house, laughs and says, "my voice is loud" and then giggles some more. Seriously, the simple things in life are the ultimate best!!!

So there is one more member of our family attending school that started this month. It is me! I did it! I have talked about going back for a few years now and I have officially done it. It will be a long journey, but my friend Kathy told me, "you are going to live the next ten years anyway, might as well go to school while you live it". Well said and needless to say, that helped me take the plunge and just do it. My goal is to be a Speech Pathologist and it will probably take me the next ten years but I am so excited about it! I know it will help me to have a better understand of Emmett and his life long challenges.I  hope to be able to help families with similar situation as ours family and give back.

Last but not least for the month of August, our family said farewell to our home of eight and one half years. It has been bitter sweet. Michael and I have shared so many sweet memories of bringing our babies home and all the joys and laughter that family life brings... On the flip side there are many memories I am ready to leave behind and forget. The past three years of Emmett suffering and struggling, paramedic's filling the living room and many anxious and sleepless nights. Michael and I feel that now that Emmett is healing so beautifully that a move  was a fresh start for our little family. Our family has stayed in the same area, for we sure love the community that surrounds us. So we say farewell old home, farewell...

Emmett's Fight has some new and exciting opportunities coming up in the near future and we are excited to continue to spread the word about button battery dangers. We are so grateful Emmett is thriving and we savor every moments we have together as a family!
Go Emmett, Go!

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