Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Button Battery Ingestion Awareness in Florida!

This past weekend our family had the opportunity to venture down south to beautiful Orlando, Florida! Our family was asked to share our story about Emmett and the importance of keeping button batteries out of little one's reach for Child Safety Month.  We hope all those who view the segment will recognize the importance of safe guarding their homes.
The neatest experience, Michael was able to do an entire interview in Spanish(he speaks Spanish fluently)! We hope to reach all families around the nation and hopefully one day much farther!
The segments will air this week! I will post the air-dates as soon as I am informed, otherwise they will be posted on youtube and then re-post them later in the week.

Emmett is now a pro at this interview business, by the 3rd one he kicked off his shoes and really got comfortable.

After the interview were over, we set off to visit the Atlantic Ocean! It was so beautiful and the water was incredible warm. We are so used to California's cool Pacific water. I will take the warm water anytime, I actually got in it;)
Emmett collected sea shells while Michael and Ethan had fun riding the waves. I wish Phoenix had a beach....

On Sunday we took our boys to see the beautiful LDS Temple in Orlando. It was so gorgeous and the boys enjoyed the water fountain displays and chasing lizards

Ethan was quite the videographer. He took pictures and narrated our journey throughout the weekend. So sweet!

Our family LOVED downtown Disney! The ambiance was so magical!

First time Ethan and Emmett met Mickey! 

We took the boys to Magic Kingdom! I LOVE Disney, sigh! All of my childhood memories just rushed back into my mind. The boys soaked it all up! They both said that their favorite ride was the Magic Carpet ride.

Emmett's expression right after meeting Mickey.

Ethan picked out some new shades while at Disney World. I can't believe it is Fall already. The park was decorated in charming Fall decor.

The Lego store is the boys favorite of all.

The last day the boys wanted to try miniature golf. It was fun but the humidity Florida has, goodness! I am so used to the dry heat of Arizona. It was a wonderful and much needed vacation for our family. I am so grateful for the opportunity our family had to continue to educated those in the community about button  battery safety.

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