Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Daily life!

Start off by back tracking through the past month. As I am sure you all can relate, life just flies by and I am grateful for the chance to blog. It helps me to stop, reflect and make an account of the joys that my daily life brings.

In July, the Rauch family set off on a voyage to beautiful San Diego, CA. The road trip is only about 6 hours from Phoenix to San Diego. It is well worth the drive to enjoy the 70 degree weather and sit on the beach. We spent our time going on walks at the park, rented a surrey bike and rode around Mission Beach, enjoyed the sand at the coast of Del Mar. Made Ethan's dreams come true by spending a day at Legoland (I went through an entire bottle of hand sanitizer on the boys hands). 

Emmett is on strict RSV restriction's during the fall, winter and spring months, high cold and flu seasons. He is not able to go into the grocery store or large populated areas, due to the high risk of catching a respiratory infection. If Emmett caught a respiratory infection such as a cold or flu he would end up in the hospital. During the summer months we are able to be a little more free about where Emmett is able to go.

This was Emmett's first real vacation and Ethan's first true entire family vacation. Ethan was so excited to be going on a trip with Emmett. It was exactly what all needed, escape from daily life, cool weather, no doctor's appointments or scheduling, no nursing care. It was just the 4 of us! (by the way, to our nurses we love you)

Near the end of our trip, we headed up the coast to visit my sister, Liz and her beautiful family. I had to share this picture. My nephew Benny is on the left, Ethan and then Emmett. Clearly Benny didn't get whatever joke the two boys were cracking. Pure laughter! This picture still makes me giggle.

After many hugs and kisses and a good bye to my sister, we headed east to Temecula to visit Michael's brother and his wonderful family. We walked around the down town streets and stopped off at the candy shop. Ethan, his cousin Nicolas and Michael. 

Ethan love's his cousin's.

Emmett was kindly entertained by is adorable cousin's Rachel and Brenna, while receiving his twice daily CPT vest treatment.

After coming home and adjusting to the lovely 115 degree weather that Phoenix so kindly greeted us with, we celebrated Michael's birthday. Ethan is my su-chef, he enjoys helping me around the kitchen. We wanted to make his daddy some cupcakes. They were delicious!!!

I have tried to create a schedule for the boys during the summer months. Each day the boys can pick two craft activities they would like to do. The most popular in our home is painting with water color's.

We are so blessed to have a terrific public library with a great state of the art children's center. The library is filled with books, audio CD's, movies, computers, games, developmental toys, train set and much more. The boys love to spend a few hours each week exploring the library.

I sure enjoy my life with my beautiful Family! I thank my Father in Heaven for these wonderful moments.

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