Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Water Park, Sleeping and Dilation

Enduring 115 degree weather here in Phoenix, is not something to brag about, however surviving it is another thing. We are so lucky to have a fantastic water park not to far from our home. By persuasion from grandparent's, we decided to get season passes and it was worth every penny. The water park has a humongous "splash pad" that both the boys LOVE. I have to be super careful with Emmett around water because of his tracheostomy. The splash pad is perfect for him to run around and cool off with out being submerged in a pool of water.

Ethan showing off his muscles at the splash pad.

Emmett stole Ethan's Gatorade bottle and sent him on a wild goose chase.

Emmett fell asleep in the car on the way home from a Dr's appointment the other day. He was so adorable I could not resist taking and sharing this picture. He is becoming so big!

On Monday Emmett went in to PCH for his last esophagus dilation before our trip to Cincinnati, OH. Emmett will be evaluated in the Areodigestive Program at Cincinnati Children's Hospital. We are leaving in a week and a half.  My nerves are starting to kick in. 

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  1. You're/He's going to do great! I sure miss your family. Keep the posts coming! We love you Rauch Family and send lots of happy & healing thoughts from CA. OXOX