Sunday, August 5, 2012

Emmett sporting a new Orthopedic Look: SPIO Vest and SMO's

No, Emmett is not prepping for Jazzercize ... He is sporting his new orthopedic SPIO (stabilizing pressure input orthosis) vest. The purpose is to provide deep sensory pressure. Emmett has been hospitalized for almost 50% of his little life. Bed bound, Emmett has been deprived of crucial gross motor and sensory development.

 I am a beginning student and am soaking in all of the information I can about sensory development.  Basically the body has 5 senses. The sensory development or sensory processing is how the bodies nervous system accepts the five senses and its response to them motor or behaviorally. Emmett's main sensory concern is the proprioceptive nerve receptors, his body has a hard time understanding its balance in its surroundings.
The SPIO vest snugs him tightly to give him a secure feeling, kind of like a leotard. He loves it! Some day's I can hardly get it off of him. 
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The new kicks!!!
Emmett is the cool kid on the block, rock'in his DC's. The brand DC creates their shoes wide and deep enough to house the orthotic's SMO's (Supra-Malleolar Orthosis).

 The SMO is used to help correct children with low muscle tone in the foot and ankle. Again, Emmett was in a hospital bed during a crucial gross motor development time. During the first and second year the body grows and develops strength throughout the muscles, tissues, bones and nerves. Emmett has no arch and walks on the sides of his feet.  He also externally rotates which puts negative pressure on his hips and back. His wonderful physical therapist, miss Jen, suggested due to all of Emmett's abdominal surgeries, he is overcompensating by using muscles that don't require him to strain his stomach muscles. Amazing how the body so interconnected. Our goal is to help Emmett strengthen and feel secure about using his little tummy muscles. To do this we are starting with his feet.
Emmett LOVE"s his new footwear. Every morning, he ventures off into his room, fetches his orthotic's and tennis shoes and asks for me to put them on. I have never seen Emmett run so fast and with so much control. It is incredible!

Meet miss Barb Boutin, Orthotic Specialist and co-owner of Orthotic Specialists of Arizona. Barb is the most kind and caring individual. She is the creator of Emmett's SMO's and also recommended along with miss Jen (physical therapist), for Emmett to be treated with the SPIO vest. 
Emmett is on a roll and we are now taking the necessary steps to help enable Emmett to become a track star someday, even if the race is against his brother Ethan in our back yard:)

Go Emmett, Go!


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